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新品到貨通知 :

  1. Gold CD Mourssorgsky-Ravel: Pictures At An Exhibition/ ReinerCSO
  2. Gold CD espighi: Pines Of Rome/Fountains Of Rome/ Reiner CSO
  3. SACD  Harry Belafonte/ Belafonte Sings The Blues
  4. SACD  Norah Jones/ Come Away With Me
  5. SACD Norah Jones/ Feels Like Home
  6. SACD Norah Jones/ Not Too Late
  7. SACD Rickie Lee Jones/ Traffic From Paradise
  8. SACD Julie London/ Latin In A Satin Mood
  9. SACD Cat Stevens/ Tea For The Tillerman

作者: 絕響

絕響唱片創立20年多, 專業經營代理歐美日發燒錄音軟體CD / DVD / 黑膠唱片 / 盤帶